Monday, June 3, 2013

Life gets tougher..

Salam Alaik,

Hey guys,I know this blogging thinging is always about commitment, but somehow in My Life, its all about things that happens around me, spesifically its all about me la kan.. New things about me

1) I have finished my degree. Will be graduating this coming september. My convocation will be held at PICC. amazing aite...anyway, im so excited about convocating. is that even the right word. (Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Welding and Quality Inspection.

2) I got offered as a Project Executive at my former place of intership that is R&A Power Indsutrial Distribution. Well i accepted since that i have nothing to do at home. At least now im working and bukan lah tanam anggur kan.

3) Last May, i took the SPA 08 test for the Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik placement. Alhamdulillah I passed. Now proceeding to the next stage that is the interview since that this year got no PAC stage required. relieved a bit . Im still anxious about the interview. waaa..... for the first time i felt like this for an inteview. I dont know la what to do and to read. I cant expect anything.

4) Got myself unexpectedly registered under an NGO. as the treasurer. Waa, well i have to plan my life well innit? okay that 'is it" in british.

next stage of life is making myself more matured but the challenge is there. I dont know whether im prepared or not. Allah please help me with this. I want the best for my family and also my future family, In Shaa Allah. Its all there. I just need to grab and just do it. Help me in making the right decision. and guys i know you guys have help so much all this while but now i really need you guys. I'll repay in any ways. warghhh.... ok2... time to be serious. I'll be the best of Rafi. Hiyyah.....

Thats all for now. see you guys in the next post. Peace yaw. love you lah

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